Saturday, December 19, 2015

Decorative Pillows

Coastal or marine style life has always been a charming way of life for people. People are embodied by the climate, the geography and the landscape of the place where they live. Usually the people who live on the coast have peaceful and calm personality and they are aware of the beauty of nature. Anyone would elaborate on such a pleasant lifestyle. That is why one of the most popular decorating styles is the coastal style. Shaping a decoration in the frame of a theme is a guaranteed method like the formula of two plus two equals four because there are certain rules. Decorating spaces according to these rules leads to stable results. Just like in the case of coastal style.

Here are the general and infallible formulas of the coastal style that can be applied easily:

Colors: Blue, white, red, and all neutral colors

Patterns: Usually stripes and naval patterns or figures related to the sea

Fabrics: Natural fabrics such as linen silk or cotton

Furniture materials: Wood, bamboo or rattan